Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Director's Report-November 14, 2016

1. Edward Rozzel House. 11647 Old Rozzels Ferry Road, Charlotte, N.C.   Brian Jenest of Cole-Jenest-Stone is attempting to interest developers in the property.  Staff is working on a marketing package for the sale of the property.  Staff has also arranged to meet with County Park and Recreation officials to consider a joint project on the property.

2.  Delburg Cotton Mill House. 303 Delburg St., Davidson, N.C.   Peter Wasmer is working with a contractor, who will begin repairs to the house.  Eric Gamble of HM Properties will be the realtor for the property.
3.  Torrence-Lytle School.  302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.  Staff  continues to meet and negotiate with prospective buyers of the property.  The  environment cleanup of the building should begin by mid-December.

4.  General Motors New Style Bus 1074.   Staff is negotiating with CATS about a service and storage arrangement.  Staff has secured an estimate for the installation of air conditioning for the bus.  The Projects Committee will be making a recommendation later in the meeting.  Click here for a video on the Charlotte GM New Look Bus.  
5.  Phillips House and Morris Barn,131 West Charles Street, Matthews, N.C.  Brian Jenest is working with the Commission on conducting community workshops in Matthews to consider development options for the property.  The first meeting occurred on October 20th and the second will occur on November 17th.  Staff produced introductory materials for the initial meeting.   Click here to review.

6.  The James C. Dowd House.  2216 Mounument Avenue, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff has met with County Park and Recreation officials to discuss possible methods for best assuring the long-term preservation of the property.  Negotiations continue.

7.  William Grier House.  Douglas International Airport owns this house.  Staff  has met with Airport officials and will consider perservation strategies if the property is deemed eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.  There have been no developments since the last meeting of the Historic Landmarks Commission.
8.  Thrift Piedmont and Northern Depot.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation has moved the depot to land purchased by NCDOT.  The State continues to refurbish the building and to seek a tenant.  Click Here For Photos.
9.  There has been no contact from the County about the need for changes to the State Enabling Legislation to allow the Commission to meet in closed session when discussing the sale of property.  Staff awaits developments.

10.  Walters Barbershop, 112-114 Main Street, Huntersville, N.C.  The closing has occurred, and the check has been deposited in the Revolving Fund Account.

11.  Streetcar 85.  The Streetcar was moved on March 9th to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, N.C.  The Commission will be responsible for securing a generator and a cart to power the Streetcar.  Staff has contacted the Museum about the status of the streetcar.  Staff anticipates that the Museum will need the generator and the cart in the Spring of 2017.    Click Here For Photos.

12.  Consideration of the Prospective Purchase of the VanLandingham Estate, 2010 The Plaza, Charlotte, N.C.  The property is being offered for sale.  The owner has not apprached the Commission since the June meeting. 

13.  Morgan School.    Staff did attend a meeting of the Planning Committee of the Planning Commission on October 13th to hear the Committee's advice about the prospective sale of the Morgan School.  The Committee expressed the opinion that the school should not be sold.  CMS remains open to the receipt of offers on the property.  The Projects Committee will have a recommendation about this matter later in the meeting.

14.  Consideration of the Prospective Purchase of the Charles Barnhardt House, 2733 County Club Lane, Charlotte, N.C.  The Projects Committee will have a recommendation on this property later in the meeting.   Click here for photographs of the Barnhardt House.

15.  Staff has received a letter from the owner of the Siloam Rosenwald School.  Negotiations are underway about possible preservation solutions.  Click here for photographs of the Siloam Rosenwald School.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan L. Morrill