Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Survey Committee Meeting
May 25, 2017
8:30 a.m. 

Chairman’s Report

2. Director’s Report

The Survey Committee plays an essential role in the work of the Historic Landmarks Commission.  It recommends and evaluates properties for prospective designation as historic landmarks.  Once designated, the Design Review Committee oversees design review over material alterations to historic landmarks, and the Projects Committee formulates recommendation regarding the purchase and sale of historic landmarks.  But the process begins with the recommendations of the Survey Committee.

3. Oakhurst Log Houses

The owners of the Oakhurst log houses, located at 2107 Mandarin St. and 4115 Hiddenbrook St. , were sent letters informing them that their properties had been placed on the HLC’s Study List of Potential Historic Landmarks and to determine their interest in having their properties designated. Staff has received no responses.

4. Belmont Neighborhood

The owners of five properties in the Belmont Neighborhood were contacted to determine their interest in designation. Those properties are: barber shop, 1720 Pegram St., restaurant, 1113 Pegram St., City Barn, 932 Seigle Ave., Farrar Store, 1035 Seigle Ave., and Red Front Department Store, 1125 Belmont Ave. 

The owner of the Red Front Department Store is pursuing Landmark Designation.  Staff has not gotten a positive response from the other property owners.  Staff believes that the most appropriate tool for preserving additional properties in the Belmont neighborhood would be the creation of a local historic district. Click here to to view the Survey and Research Report for the Red Front Department Store. 

5. Reginal Hawkins House, 1703 Madison Ave., Charlotte

Dr. Tom Hanchett is preparing an historic essay on the property. Staff recommends that the HLC complete the survey and research report for the property and that the Survey Committee vote to recommend that the property be processed for historic landmark designation once the survey and research report is complete. Click here for a map and an image of the property.

6. Carolina Rim and Wheel, 306 N. Graham St., Charlotte

The property was added to the Study List of Potential Historic Landmarks in 2007, and a survey and research report was produced. The owner has requested that the property be processed for designation. Because it has been 10 years since the property was considered, staff recommends that it investigate the integrity of the property.  Click here to view a report on the property.

7. Sugaw Creek Church Cemeteries, 101 W. Sugar Creek Rd., Charlotte

The owner is working on updating an existing survey and research report, which should be ready by September 1, 2017.

8. Cornelius Historic Properties

Julie Miller, chairperson of the Cornelius Historic Preservation Committee is requesting that the HLC place 19528 Meridian St.  and 19721 S Ferry St. on the HLC’s Study List of Potential Historic Landmarks. Staff recommends that the Committee recommend to the HLC that it place the subject properties on the Study List. 

9. Charlotte Fire Department Equipment

The Charlotte Fire Department has requested that the HLC consider recommending landmark designation for three pieces of historic firefighting equipment. Staff recommends that the Committee recommend to the HLC that it fund a survey and research report on the subject properties. Dr. Morrill will seek the Survey Chair's approval to produce the historical essay for a fee of $1,500.   Click Here For Photos   Click Here For Video Of Handpumper

10. Gold District Historic Buildings

Representatives of the Gold District have requested that the HLC place several properties in the district on the Study List of Potential Historic Landmarks.  The properties are:
Rudisill Mine , 317 West Summit Ave., Charlotte
Electrical Apparatus Building , 308 West Palmer St., Charlotte
Houses at 217, 301, and 305 Dunbar Street

Staff recommends that the Committee recommend to the HLC that it place the subject properties on the Study List of Potential Historic Landmarks. 

11. Green Book Survey

The purpose of the survey would be to identify and document the properties in Mecklenburg County, which contained the businesses listed in The Negro Motorist Green Book (“Green Book”).

The Green Book was published from 1936 – 1966 and served as a travel guide for African Americans.  Its founder, New York City postman Victor Hugo Green, started the Green Book to showcase restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that welcomed African American travelers during a time of legal segregation and/or discrimination.
Mecklenburg County had 25 – 30 businesses identified in the Green Book.  Many of the structures have been demolished (particularly in the Second Ward).  At least two remain on Beatties Ford Road – the Excelsior Club (a designated Historic Landmark) and Chicken and Ribs.
The product of the survey would be a report to include brief background information on the Green Book publication and a listing of Green Book properties in Mecklenburg County giving current status (existing or extinct).   If the structure still exists, the report will provide among other items:  address, map giving location, current use, picture, and a brief history.  The survey and report should be completed by December 31, 2017. The estimated cost:  $500 - $1,000.