Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Projects Committee Meeting
June 12, 2017
5:00 pm


1.  Report of the Projects Committee Chair -- John Shurley

2.  Report of the HLC Chair -- Len Norman 

3.  Report of the Consulting Director -- Dan Morrill 

4. Report on the Prospective Sale of the Torrence Lytle School, 302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.  The Commission has received a letter of intent from a prospective buyer of the Torrence Lytle School.  After consulting with the HLC Attorney, the Commission has advised that party that the Commission is under contract to sell the property with a due diligence period ending in September.  Staff has asked Tyson Bates to attend this meeting, so a full discussion of the status of the prospective sale of the property can occur.  Staff reminds the Committee that the repair of the roofs on Buildings A, B, and C is needed.

5.  Update on the Charles E. Barnhardt House, 2733 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N.C. The Board of County  Commissioners has recognized the money to purchase the house.  Staff has been waiting for the owner to record a plat before scheduling a vote by the Charlotte City Council to designate the property.  The owner has notified staff that the recording of the plat has been furthered delayed because of City procedures. The recording of the plat will not occur until mid-summer.  The City Council's vote on designation will most likely not occur until September.  Only then can the Commission close on the property.  

Staff has submitted an Application for a Stedman Incentive Grant from Preservation North Carolina to assist with the expenses associated with improving the property once it is purchased by the Commission.  The amount of the grant is $10,000.

6.  Provision for Emergency Repairs of Properties the HLC has under Contract.  HLC Attorney Sandy Carnegie will be including language in future contracts that will allow the Commission to be reimbursed for emergency repairs for properties it has under contract to purchase.

7.  Update on the Prospective Purchase of the Parkwood Avenue A.R.P. Church, 1017 Parkwood Ave., Charlotte, N.C.   The Church has not accepted or rejected the Commission's offer to purchase.  The Commission has voted to recommend the designation of property as a historic landmark, thereby providing a prohibition for demolition for 180 days or until the Charlotte City Council votes on the Commission's recommendation, whichever occurs first. HLC Attorney Sandy Carnegie, if necessary, will be amending the offer to purchase to include language for providing reimbursement for emergency repairs.  Realtor Rodny Faulkner reports that another prospective buyer will be closing on the property in the near future.

8. Update of the Status of the Excelsior Club, 921 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff met with the owner, who stated her intention to secure the preservaton of the property.

9.  Discussion of Marketing Proposal for the Edward M. Rozzel Farm, 11647 Rozzelles Ferry Rd., Charlotte, N.C.  The HLC has approved a marketing strategy for the property that allows for infill development.  Staff is working with Brian Jenest & Stone on a specific infill development plan for the property.  Two development plans are attached. Staff will meet with Brian Jenest & Stone on June 13th to discuss how potential buyers are responding.   Click Here For Plan A.   Click Here For Plan B.

Staff antcipates that an offer for the Rozzel Farm might be forthcoming.  Accordingly, Staff recommends that the Committee recommend to the Historic Landmarks Commission that it authorize the Projects Committee to negotiate final terms for the sale of the Rozzel Farm if an offer is received before the August HLC meeting.

10.  Update on the Morgan School, 500 South Torrence St., Charlotte, N.C.  The Historic Landmarks Commission has submitted an offer to purchase the Morgan School.   The City has acquired an appraisal on the property.  Plans for the future use of the school remain uncertain.  Staff is working to obtain updated information.

11.  Update on the VanLandingham Estate, 1600 The Plaza, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff has met with the owner to express the Commission's interest in assisting with considering means to preserve the property.  There are no active contracts to purchase the property.

12.  Old Business

13.  New Business

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission ADA Statement

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