Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Projects Committee Meeting
January 4, 2017
6:00 pm


1.  Report of the Projects Committee Chair -- John Shurley

2.  Report of the HLC Chair -- Len Norman 

3.  Report of the Consulting Director -- Dan Morrill

4.  Update on the Charles E. Barnhardt House.  2733 Country Club Lane, Charlotte, N.C. The HLC and the owner have signed a contract.  

a.  Explanation of Due Diligence Process.  Key Dates:  February 6 -- Projects Committee reviews Due Diligence and formulates recommendation for presentation to the HLC.  February 13 -- HLC receives Projects Committee recommendation and votes on whether to proceed with purchase.  February 21 -- Board of County Commission votes to recognize funds to purchase.  March 20 -- Charlotte City Council votes on designating the property a historic landmark.

b.  Report on Tasks to be Performed during Due Diligence:  Peter Wasmer.

5.  Update on General Motors New Look BusLakewood Trolley will submit a proposal to lease or acquire the New Look Bus.   Staff has submitted the draft of an agreement to CATS for storage and routine maintenance of the bus.  No response has been forthcoming. Ron Tober continues to attempt to find parts for original air conditioning system.

Lakewood Trolley has obtained a formal agreement from the North Carolina Department of Transportation to use track between South Cedar Street and the Savona Mill for trolley operations.

6.  Update on The Delburg Mill House.  303 Delburg St., Davidson, N.C.  Eric Levinson, the prospective buyer, is performing due diligence.   Click Here For Photographs Of Improvements.

7. Update on the Phillips House and Morris Barn. 131 W. Charles St., Matthews, N.C.  Brian Jenest and Staff will be coordinating a presentation to the Matthews Town Board.  The results of meetings with citizens will be presented.  The plan is to work for an appropriate rezoning of the property.  Click Here For A Video Of The Phillips House And Morris Barn
8.  Discussion of Marketing Strategy for the Edward M. Rozzel Farm.  11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Rd., Charlotte, N.C.   Click For Photographs of Farm.    County Park and Recreation Department did visit the property but has expressed no interest in acquiring the property.  Staff believes that the property should be listed with Eric Gamble and placed on the market.  

a.  Explanation of marketing package:  Stewart Gray and Peter Wasmer. 

​b.  Establishment of asking price for the property.

9.  Update on the Torrence Lytle School.  302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.  

Consideration of Prospective Contract with Prospertive Buyers:  Sandy Carnegie and Len Norman.

Status of Cleanup and Improvement of the Property:  Peter Wasmer.

10.  Update on the Morgan School.  The Historic Landmarks Commission has submitted an offer to purchase the Morgan School.  The City Neighborhood Services Department will be meeting with staff.   Click Here For Photographs Of The Morgan School.

11.  Old Business

12.  New Business

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission ADA Statement

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