Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

Director's Report-February 13, 2017

1. Edward Rozzel House. 11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, N.C.   Staff believes that the best approach to selling this property is to allow infill development.  The Projects Committee will be presenting a recommendation regarding the Commission's entering into a contract with Cole Jenest & Stone to develop a marketing package for the property.

2.  Delburg Cotton Mill House. 303 Delburg St., Davidson, N.C.   The prospective buyer is performing due diligence and is requesting an adjustment of the sales price.  The Projects Committee will be presenting a recommendation regarding the Commission's response to this request.
3.  Torrence-Lytle School.  302 Holbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.   The environmental cleanup of the buildings is underway and should be completed in approximately three months.  The prospective buyers of the property are continuing to perform due diligence.
4.  General Motors New Style Bus 1074.   Staff continues to negotiate with CATS about a service and storage arrangement.  Staff is working with Ron Tober to locate parts for the original air conditioning system.    
5.  Phillips House and Morris Barn,131 West Charles Street, Matthews, N.C.  Staff and Brian Jenest of Cole Jenest & Stone made a presentation to the Matthews Board of Commissioners in January.  The purpose was to summarize the results of the two design workshops that the Commission held in Matthews last year.  The Matthews Town Board is meeting tonight and is expected to decide what levels of development it will allow on the property.  Staff will be working with the Projects Committee in discussing how the Commission should move forward with marketing the property.

6.  The James C. Dowd House.  2216 Monument Avenue, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff has met with County Park and Recreation officials to discuss possible methods for best assuring the long-term preservation of the property.  Negotiations continue.  Staff and members of the Commission recently  toured the Dowd House and provided advice on how the house should be upfitted for the 100th anniversary celebration of the opening of Camp Greene that will occur in July 2017.

7.  William Grier House.  Douglas International Airport owns this house.  Staff  has met with Airport officials and will consider preservation strategies if the property is deemed eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.  There have been no developments since the last meeting of the Historic Landmarks Commission.
8.  Thrift Piedmont and Northern Depot.  The North Carolina Department of Transportation has moved the depot to land purchased by NCDOT.  The State continues to refurbish the building and to seek a tenant.  Click Here For Photos.
9.  There has been no contact from the County about the need for changes to the State Enabling Legislation to allow the Commission to meet in closed session when discussing the sale of property.  Staff awaits developments.

10.  Siloam Rosenwald School, John Adams Road, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff is working with the Charlotte Museum of History to develop a preservation strategy for the property.  Officials of the State Historic Preservation Office are also involved.  Staff has asked Kay Peninger, president of the Charlotte Museum of History, to obtain an estimate of the cost of moving the building to the grounds of the Charlotte Museum of History.  

11.  Streetcar 85.  The Streetcar was moved on March 9, 2016, to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, N.C.  The Commission will be responsible for securing a generator and a cart to power the Streetcar.  Staff has contacted the Museum about the status of the streetcar.  Staff anticipates that the Museum will need the generator and the cart in the Spring of 2017.  

12.  Consideration of the Prospective Purchase of the VanLandingham Estate, 2010 The Plaza, Charlotte, N.C.  Staff contacted the owner, who reported that the property is under contract.  The prospective buyer reportedly plans to pursue infill development and will preserve the house.  The prospective buyer has not contacted the Commission. 

13.  Morgan School.    Staff has talked with Pamela Wideman of the City.  She reported that the City's appraisal of the property will be completed in March.  The Cherry Neighborhood Association supports affordable housing on the property but wants the school building to be preserved.  Staff anticipates that it will not have to purchase the property to assure the preservation of the Morgan School.

14.  Consideration of the Prospective Purchase of the Charles Barnhardt House, 2733 County Club Lane, Charlotte, N.C.  The Projects Committee will have a recommendation regarding the prospective purchase of the Charles E. Barnhardt House.  If the Commissions decides to move forward, here are the upcoming key dates: February 21st, Board of County Commissioners will vote on whether to recognize the funds to purchase.  March 20th, Charlotte City Council will vote on whether to designate the property a historic landmark.  Click here for photographs taken in 2002.    Click here for photographs of the Barnhardt House.

15.  Atherton Cotton Mill House, 2005 Cleveland Avenue, Charlotte.  The property is under contract to a new buyer.  The prospective buyer has not contacted the Commission.  

16.  Staff is considering how the acquisition of real estate options might be used as a preservation tool by the Commission, thereby increasing the number of properties preserved.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan L. Morrill