Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

The Projects Committee will meet at 6:00p.m. on February 3, 2016 in the Ratcliffe-Otterbourg House at 2100 Randolph Road in Charlotte, N.C.  Call 704-376-9115 if you have questions
Projects Meeting Agenda
February 3, 2016
1.  Chair's Report -- Len Norman
2.  Director's Report -- Dan Morrill
3.  Review of Current Projects -- Dan Morrill
a.  Delburg Cotton Mill House
b.  Torrence Lytle School
c.  Edward M. Rozzel House
Potential Purchase Of Land Associated With Edward M. Rozzel House
View the designated parcel of land.
View the 1.40 Acres of land.

View the designated parcel of land plus the additional land.
d.   R. F. Outen Pottery
e.  Phillips House and Morris Barn
f.   Streetcar 85
g. General Motors New Style Bus
h.   Thrift Piedmont and Northern Depot
i.     Huntersville Commercial Building
4.   Request For Additional Funds -- Len Norman
a.   Balance Sheet of Projects 2000-2016
b.   Request for Additional Funds
c.   Presentation of Additional Funds (Excel Spreadsheet)
5.  Old Business
6.  New Business