Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic  Commission

1.  Chair's Report -- Len Norman

2.  Director's Report -- Dan Morrill

3.  Review Of Projects -- Dan Morrill

a.  Walters Barbership -- Huntersville   Click Here For Report

b.  Phillips House and Morris Barn -- Matthews   Click Here For Report

c.  Torrence Lytle School -- Huntersville   Click Here For Report

d.  Delburg Cotton Mill House -- Davidson   Click Here For Report

e.  Outen Pottery -- Matthews   Click Here For Report

f.  Edward M. Rozzel Farm - Charlotte  Click Here For Report

g.  Ratcliffe-Otterbourg House -- Charlotte  Click Here For Report

4.  Prospective Lease or Purchase of the Edward Rozzel Farm.  11647 Old Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, N.C.

5.  Prospective Purchase of the Torrence Lytle School (Huntersville Colored School) 302 Holsbrooks Road, Huntersville, N.C.

6.  Update on Request For Additional Funds for the HLC's Revolving Fund.
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7.  Old Business.

​8.  New Business.

Projects Committee Agenda
April 4, 2016
8:30 A.M.